This service is only available to current members of affiliated clubs of the Association of Irish Riding Clubs.

ImageItemDescriptionCostOrder Item
Membership CardOrder a credit card style membership card. Your membership must be active for this year before applying for a card.€7.00Order Here
Change of GradeA change of grade can only be applied for once your club has received approval from your regional committee.
You are required to upload a photo of your current membership card cut up into four pieces (please ensure that we can still read the details on the card).
€5.00Order Here
Secondary Membership (F02/13)A Secondary Member may only be registered once they are a member of an affiliated club.€20.00Order Here
Rule Book (D04/11)An A5 printed copy of the Association of Irish Riding Clubs rule book in a green pvc folder.€7.50Order Here
Neck TieAn Association of Irish Riding Clubs branded necktie in navy and green with a gold trim.€11.50Order Here
Cross-Country Score BookScore books for fence stewards for hunter trials and horse trials competitions.€3.45Order Here