Membership queries at National Office during busy period

National Office is currently experiencing a large number of queries each day in respect of membership applications.

Clubs and members are reminded that membership applications can take up to 10 working days to be processed at National Office.

If you need your memberships to be processed quickly, we advise clubs to apply online and pay by debit or credit card.  For those who opt to pay by Cheque EFT, these take longer to process.

You should also note that phoning the office regarding your membership application, slows down the process and causes further delays for everyone.

If you have a query regarding your membership, please contact your Club Secretary, as if you contact National Office about your membership, you will be reverted back to your Club Secretary.  National Office will only deal with queries raised by Club Secretaries.

Clubs and Members should also note that if they are not in receipt of their 2019 membership card, they are NOT permitted, under the rules of the Association, to take part in any AIRC activity until they have received it. 

They are also not covered by AIRC insurance as they are not a registered member. 

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