Dressage changes being introduced for 2016

Competitors who win an A.I.R.C. national dressage competition, twice in a two-year period, will now have to upgrade to the next level in pure dressage.

It will apply to only to riders competing in dressage competitions at either the Riding Clubs Festival and the National Dressage Championships.

Therefore, only individual championship classes at the Dressage Championships and individual graded dressage classes such as the primary, advanced primary, intermediate, advanced intermediate, open and advanced open individual classes at the Riding Clubs Festival will count.

Teams, dressage to music, pairs dressage and other novelty dressage competitions are not included.

Elsewhere clarification has been provided for the various dressage grading criteria in that unregistered dressage competitions along with Dressage Ireland competitions affect how a member is graded.

Advanced Primary dressage riders should note that should they obtain points in Dressage Ireland competitions, or if they reach 60% (as this is the point in which a rider obtains points in DI) in unregistered dressage competitions, they are obliged to upgrade to the next level. This is not a new rule, but clarification on the existing rule.

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